Life is just a cocktail party in the street – Mick Jagger. So, let’s get sipping!

Nairobi loves cocktails and cocktails love Nairobi.  Which explains why every single bar/lounge is trying to attract the masses with a more than welcoming happy hour deal. The offers usually vary, it’s either a buy one get one free offer or each cocktail at half price, we must admit we love a good happy hour deal. The hours are also extended, because why limit happy to an hour?

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If you enjoy sipping Whiskey sours at Brew Bistro Rooftop, News Cafe’s seven deadly sins or Artcaffe’s Spanish Caipiroskas there’s something for everybody at these 9 joints.

Some have better cocktails than others because at the end of the day the mixologist matters. I narrowed the list to Westlands, Nairobi because that’s where I frequent.

Unwinding after a long day at work? Catching up with your girls? Trying to kill time waiting for traffic to subside, it’s never too early for a cocktail.

10. Caramel Lounge

Location: ABC Place Westlands

They have a Happy Hour offer on special drinks, every Monday to Friday from 4pm – 8pm.

Cocktails for Sh500, wine by glass Sh500, local beers Sh250.

10 Best Cocktail Happy Hour Deals In Nairobi

9. The Tav Irish Pub & Bistro

Location: The Mirage Waiyaki Way

Their happy hour is daily from 5-8pm. The deal is buy two cocktails and get one free. EABL beers also retail at Sh250.

The Tav Cokctails

8. Budhaa Bar Nairobi

Location: Delta Towers, Westlands Nairobi

Their happy hour is from 4 – 7pm and you can enjoy a Classic mojito or a mint Julep at S350 and they have a Saturday deal for cocktails from 4pm-11pm also for Sh350.


7. Tune Sky bar

Location: Tune Hotel Roof top Rhapta Road

Nothing better than cocktails with a view.Their happy hour is from 5:30 – 7:30pm and the offer is buy one of the selected cocktails and get one free. On their local beers the offers is buy 2 and get 1 free. If my memory serves me right their cocktails average Sh600

Chef's Special At Palm Cafe & Lounge


6. Nyama Mama

Location: Delta Tower Westlands

Their happy hour is also daily from 4-7pm. It’s a 2 for 1 offer on selected cocktails, beers and wines. A mama’s mule cocktails will set you back Sh800, so will a vodka espresso and a charcoal Manhattan is Sh950. You can view the cocktail menu here. 


5. Brew Bistro Rooftop

Location: Fortis Towers Westlands (Woodvale Groove)

Cocktail Happy Hour is from 5-7pm. The offer is buy one cocktail get one free.

9 Best Cocktail Happy Hour Deals In Nairobi

4. Artcaffe Oval/Grand

Location: Westgate and Oval

Their cocktails range from  Sh650 for an Aperol Spritz to Sh950 for an ultimate sour.

The happy hour offer is buy 1 cocktail get one free everyday from 4-7PM.

artcaffe cock

3. Newscafe

Location: Sarit Centre, Westlands

Their happy hour is from 5pm-7pm on select cocktails. Classic cocktails that include cosmopolitan, mojito, daiquiri and margarita are Sh400. Their grande cocktails are Sh600.

News Cafe Kilimani: The Cocktail Haven News Cafe Kilimani: The Cocktail Haven

1. Sap At The Node

Location: Woodvale Close, Westlands

Definitely one of my best joints to enjoy a cocktail in Nairobi. Their happy hour is errrryday from 4-7pm and includes everything on the menu is Sh400. And the cocktail selections is quite something.

A white Russian fromSap



I would love to hear your views on the cocktail scene in Nairobi in the comment section, which is your absolute favorite cocktail joint and why?

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